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The EmoGE

Concept, Interaction, App, Installation


A new invention, the EmoGE

GE wanted Little Red Robot to create a custom set of emoji’s to act as a universal scientific shorthand for their global workforce. Something that would be fun for them to interact with and feel pride in their company while also being techy and nerdy and even allowing for time-saving efficiencies in communication, which would actually result in net savings for the company.

It sounds far fetched, but think about it, if a GE employee could communicate with one single emoji, instead of typing several words, that would save them a few seconds within their communication with another GE employee. If you can add up all seconds saved by creating a useful emoji language for GE, that is hundred of hours on the clock, now able to be redistributed to work related productivity.

A new invention for GE was forged, a bespoke emoji keyboard, the EmoGE (pronounced “emoji-e”). The team at Little Red Robot didn’t stop there. We created a mosaic selfie App that built mosaic pictures utilizing the EmoGE’s, calling it The EmoGE-izer!

The app was made available as a download to your device with the download of the emoji keyboard. One of the main inspirations for us to build the EmoGE-izer App was so that we could also turn this into an experiential kiosk, allowing GE to use this kiosk in their various locations and at activations for their brand worldwide. Thousands of EmoGE mosaic pictures have been shared. The experience of using the EmoGE-izer app is really special because watching the EmoGe’s forming your likeness, in front of you, on your device, in real-time, is a stunning effect. It works like magic!

GE’s initial target audience, their global employee workforce, quickly fell in love with this new piece of technology Little Red Robot put in their hands. However, a secondary audience was found, as the EmoGEs quickly became adopted by fans of technology and design outside of GE as a go to for enhanced emoji options when communicating.