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Hello, we are Little Red Robot.


Our purpose is to make people feel something special by nurturing and meaningfully designing empathetic and culturally relevant narratives.

Everything deserves a distinguishing conceptual approach that informs the purpose, aesthetic, and voice of our solution.

We are empowered by technology and embrace it to deliver tailor made, limitless, creative expressions.


We are proud multi-disciplinary multi-hyphenates (aka we can do a lot).

Through deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our skillsets we have earned a reputation for being one of the most innovative shops around. 

We believe in digital technology as being the invisible thread that runs through core of everything we do. Digital is now all around us, like the air we breathe. It's part of every way we create — it’s how we interact with the world around us — it’s how we analyze human behaviors. That is why it is so important that our focus is on the emergent digital skill sets that are at our core, so we can be masterful in our artistry with these tools and infuse a necessary soulfulness into the possibilities of how we make use of these tools. Little Red Robot has made digital technology a cornerstone of its expertise: we invest in sustainable technology solutions to create stand out digital deployments and emotion-capturing interactive experiences.
Moved by what we do and how it’s done, we devote our hearts and minds to creating campaigns that bridge the gap between strategic and creative thinking to tell stories that best capture attention and find new opportunities to show up in culture. Ideas excite us, they shape the future, add value and signal change. We provide mastery of traditional mediums, while uniquely having an ear to the ground for the emergent and just breaking tactics and trends. Our aesthetics are what ultimately set us apart, but also help provide a necessary humility in pursuit of our north star which is consistent creative excellence.
LRR’s mix of market intelligence and bold ideas enable us to unearth new possibilities for the modern consumer looking to explore new destinations and immersive realities. With Little Red Robot, innovation and creative intelligence - particularly in the fields of interactive and in-person immersive experiences - is opening up new worlds to explore, stimulated by our creativity. We believe in triggering emotions by building on a foundation of strategy and insight, infusing brand design with entertainment, and connecting the physical with digital. We create huge brand awareness through these types of expressions and forge lasting emotional connections that help brands further connect and grow with communities.
Simply put, we offer one of the most sophisticated production capabilities out there. Sometimes we are acting as production facilitator with some of the most respected partners in the world. Most of the time, we are acting as production company ourselves. We have direct access to the best talent in the world for all production needs, allowing us to in-house any pipeline, no matter how sophisticated what we are looking to produce is. Again, creative excellence is our north star. With our agile approach, our clients love our seamless integrated offerings, making the world of world-class content creation within arm's reach for all their needs, big – small, fast – best.



  • Website Design & Development
  • Digital Products
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • WebGL Immersive Experiences
  • Sensor Integrated DOOH
  • Digitally Connected Physical Spaces & Extended Reality
  • Bespoke Hardware & Software Solutions Used To Run Our Digitally Connected Physical Experiences
  • Special One-Of-A-Kind Product Engineering
  • LED Screen Design & Media Server Engineering
  • 3D Billboards
  • Virtual Events
  • Metaverse Development
  • Web3 Engineering
  • AI
  • Integrated Brand & Product Campaigns
  • Social Channel Planning & Community Management
  • Scroll Stopping Content Tactics
  • Social Listening &, Analytics & Insights
  • Branding
  • Naming & Identity Systems
  • Brand Experience Design & Activations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Influencer & Creative Collaborations
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Events
  • Tours
  • Pop Ups
  • Activations
  • Virtual Events
  • PR Stunts
  • Interactive Window Displays
  • Environmental Design
  • Retail Design
  • Art Direction & Design
  • Photography
  • Retouching
  • Video Production
  • Editorial & Post
  • Motion Design & Animation
  • 3D
19+ Years. 50+ Clients. 400+ Projects.
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