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The Impacts Campaign

Strategy, Concept, Integrated Campaign, Visual Identity, Interactive, Website, 3D, Takeover Of Owned Social Brand Accounts

Impacts Campaign

The impacts of GE

Linda Boff, CMO of GE, came to LRR with a challenge. She wanted to build a campaign that touched on the impacts of GE. In support of this, the team at Little Red Robot came up with many highly visually design-driven ideas.

First our art director illustrated the shadowbox concept by hand while our creative team researched the current and historical catalogs of GE. We used this research to inform our strategy and design.

Once our copywriting team collaborating with GE and everything got signed off on, we began to swarm around the visual development. Our 3D modelers next got everything on its feet. Once rendered in photoreal 3D, our pipeline flowed to our creative CGI retoucher, adding meticulous detailing and texturing.

At that point the animators got it off the ground and a Houdini visual effects workflow got the work soaring through clouds, smoke and fire. A compositor conducted acrobatics in Nuke and, finally, our coders made the whole experience interactive.

The campaign was deployed throughout all GE social media channels, including a take over of GE’s instagram account, driving users to click-through to the main focus, an immersive microsite on Check the site at the link above at the top of this case study!

The imagery is thumb-stopping to put it mildly. Everyone who sees it instantly falls in love with the rich vision we provided for this one-of-a-kind campaign. Linda Boff said this of this campaign once we launched, “This is just stunning – beautiful work. Thanks for knocking it out of the park – you took a vague idea and made it into something memorable.”