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Baker Hughes

A digital future

Strategy, Concept, Brand Identity, Interactive, Website, 3D Design

A fresh identity for the future of digital of iconic company

Baker Hughes has an amazing digital services team, whose capabilities are unrivaled in the energy industry. They came to LRR to seek out a way recreate their brand to be positioned with a fresh design driven approach.

Digital Rebrand
Digital Rebrand
The LRR team quickly learned what Baker Hughes Digital does and begun applying this to a new identity system. The identity also included a a new website, which we based around an intuitive navigation system that utilized custom animated iconography at the core of the user experience.

As LRR designed the integrated visual identity system, our team also began to create a catalog of branded imagery using photo-real 3D illustrations with a futuristic integrated digital layer overlay that provided a high-tech look.

Digital Rebrand
Digital Rebrand
In the end, we created a deep catalog of over 50 designs to use throughout the system of design as collateral for Baker Hughes. As well, the website stands out amongst the crowd – and the client was to the moon.