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The Bottle Company

Concept, Strategy, Branding, Website, Social, Retail

The Bottle Co. is a new brand that wants to change the wine market in The Hamptons!

The brand takes its inspiration from a striking logo in which the ‘O’ letters are transformed into circles, becoming the central elements of our identity, reminding us of the wine stains of a bottle or a glass over the table or the bubbles of sparkling wine.

The illustration system
The illustration merges the main concept with the classic stripes of deck chairs and umbrellas to build a timeless summer vibe aesthetic.

It all gets combined with an original color palette inspired by different drinks: the red of Malbec, the yellow of Whiskey, and the pink of Rosé wine.

To recall the style of old wine labels, we set some typographical assemblies that enrich the visual identity.

Always very social!