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Galaxy Tour

Strategy, Concept, Visual Identity, Interactive, Installation, Tour

In a Galaxy not so far away

Little Red Robot was approached by Samsung, inviting us to strap onto to their rocket moving at the speed of light. We were enlisted by Samsung to help them launch their biggest global experiential campaign ever with the realization of a series of tactics worldwide.

First stop on the intergalactic mission, was helping Samsung launch their first retail store in the U.S. with their flagship in Glendale, CA. Our favorite part of this was our installation of a giant immersive LED screen array as the store’s entry focus point.

At the same time, in Barcelona, at Mobile World Congress, another Little Red Robot team revealed a interactive breakdancing game, where instead of cardboard there was a touch sensitive floor. People were delighted as they followed the moves. From biometric feedback sensors integrated with the connected offerings of the Galaxy smartphone and watch, participants could see they got a workout and learned some new breakdance moves and made their own remix while unlocking surprises & rewards.

View in depth case study: Step Challenge.

Simultaneously, another LRR team halfway across the world installed a semi-permanent attraction inside Samsung’s ‘837’ experience center, their flagship in the Meatpacking District of NYC. The installation, The Art of Fitness, created a real-time 3D generative visualization based on motion tracking and your body’s biometric activity captured by the Samsung Galaxy devices in real-time from their on-board sensors built-in to the devices.

View in depth case study: Art of Fitness.

Concurrently, the LRR team launched a pop-up tour with stops ranging from days to months including SXSW, Miami, Atlanta, Hollywood, D.C., Indianapolis 500. Getting thousands of consumers interacting with Samsung’s latest products with LRR’s experiential tactics on full display.

Figuring out a simultaneous global tour for one of the most ambitious brands of the 21st Century was a challenge but a rewarding one to see our well made plans pay off. The Galaxy Tour required our agency to be firing on all cylinders, working with Samsung on one of their biggest brand experiences of all time, including strategy, spatial design and engineering. 

Each location posed its own logistical hurdles and the biggest feat was that everything needed to be modular for shipping and logistics. Each tactic was fitting into what was essentially two shipping containers, and these  modules could be arranged in several variations to deliver the optimal experience for each city. 

Thousands of people enjoyed our brand experiences for Samsung which let consumers immerse in culture and play with all the new Galaxy products in an interactive and personalized way – and we also proved to Samsung that we can create huge brand awareness and help them grow within communities with these tactics.