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Art of Fitness

Concept, Interactive, Installation

Art of Fitness

Real-time generative artworks

Samsung reached out to Little Red Robot with the 2019 global Galaxy experiences RFP. They wanted to create extended reality experiences that would be entertaining as well as powerful for marketing new Galaxy products.

Art of Fitness
Art of Fitness

Little Red Robot was invited to become the global experiential agency tasked with marketing the Galaxy Watch Active, a product aimed at fitness and active lifestyles. And for this set of activations the focus also need to be woven into the bigger story of how this device was part of the Galaxy connected lifestyle when paired with the other major announcement, the release of the 10th generation of Galaxy phones, the Galaxy S10. The biggest obstacle, aside from not having the top secret pre-consumer-release devices to engineer our solution on until the last minute, was more existential. How could we market fitness and activeness to audiences arriving in their street clothes at retail locations, events and pop-ups!

LRR engineered a solution that would use the biometric sensors onboard the Galaxy Watch Active to create unique 3D real-time generative artworks from the users movements.

The movement were helped by fitness moves developed in collaboration with LRR’s friends, Kirk Meyers and his team of personal trainers at The #Dogpoud.

Art of Fitness
Art of Fitness
Art of Fitness
The Art of Fitness was installed permanently at Samsung’s first US retail flagship store in Glendale, California which opened with our experience installed as the centerpiece at the entrance of the store as guests walked in. Our activation was also experienced by tens of thousands as a pop-up attraction throughout the U.S. in a dozen cities.

This activation was also featured for 8 months with a prominent installation inside The Samsung Experience Center, Samsung 837, located in the meatpacking district of NYC.