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The Brilliant Factory Campaign

Concept, Campaign, Film

The Brilliant Factory

New era of manufacturing

GE wanted to tell the world about the connected “Internet of Things” digital industrial integrated factories and overall concept about this new era of manufacturing. The problem was that it’s complex and not easy to convey quickly or holistically.

The Brilliant Factory
The Brilliant Factory
Little Red Robot did what we do best. We listened, quickly learned everything about this world GE had created and wanted to communicate about. We built a strategy in how we’d talk about their innovations and why it would make a difference and be successful.

We art directed, wrote anthem scripts, created a custom soundtrack. Our fabricators and stop motion animators made an entire new world that mimicked GE technology in a fun, easy to love, way. We took into our computers and sprinkled more love and created a fun integrated campaign.

The Brilliant Factory
The Brilliant Factory
The main video was the highlight. Everyone that saw it immediately “got it” and loved the style and direction. The custom GIFs we created for social were the biggest hit, and provided a paid media drive that was effective as getting people back over to our campaigns landing page to watch the full video.
The Brilliant Factory

The poster we designed is also a whole lot of fun. We love this style and that GE trusted us with their high-techy-ness to tell this complicated story through through such a fun and playful visual toolkit and voice.