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Baker Hughes

Subsea Connect

Strategy, Concept, Integrated Campaign, Visual Identity, Interactive, Website, 3D Design, Event

Subsea Connect

Build a new future

Baker Hughes tasked Little Red Robot with bringing to the marketplace an integrated campaign to bring to market a new product offering aimed to be best in category.

Subsea Connect
Subsea Connect
Little Red Robot listened and learned quickly and challenged ourselves to find a way to connect with this unique demographic that we could convince to go down a path to purchase a multi-million dollar system.

We studied the competition and found a bland landscape of meaningless stock photography and even worse underwater 3d product renderings. We knew if we wanted our client to stand out, we needed to create something that would contrast all this type of imagery. Something that screamed out premium design excellence, which was a parallel to the product offering, being an innovative design approach to a deliver a fist of its kind, modular approach to subsea systems.

Subsea Connect
Subsea Connect

We loved the modularity and thoughtfully crafted our campaign based on this approach, so we began distilling the essence of the product into a kit of modular abstract elements, that when assembled could create any collateral needed. In a way, this system of design mirrored the product we were marketing, which was a state-of-the-art modular system that could be configured in a variety of ways. Making something complex, become efficient and more simple. Our campaign expressed itself through earned and paid media placements on social and print.

Subsea Connect

The website was a lot of fun to create and featured a innovative interactive approach to this stunning design system.

VIPs also received a Little Red Robot designed mailer box that contained a hard bound product catalog, an actual lego of the equipment, and an inlaid video tile that autoplayed our manifesto video upon opening.

In the mailer box the VIPs also got a scale Lego manufactured of this product. After all… Legos are the original and most famous modular system ever!

We also helped execute a beautiful launch event with some nice LRR experiential designs.

Our client told us that in the end this was the most successful marketing campaigns from their company to date.