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GE + Intel


Concept, Campaign, Interactive, Website


A groundbreaking relationship

GE needed a way to communicate the ground breaking relationship Intel and GE had forged.

Little Red Robot took to this task by also integrating our own technological innovation. We created a scroll-stopping, visual identity focused around leveraging in browser animation rendering via SVGs rather than pre- rendered videos being integrated. Analogous to Intel and GE’s partnership focus on using less to do more, smartly, LRR’s breakthrough here made it so the website was tiny in size and used drastically less energy than a traditional website, we’re talking a few kilobytes vs 100s of megabytes or even gigabytes of data served to each user times thousands.

The signature of the campaign is a slick art direction and the many cool animations. We knew our aesthetic choices would help tell this complicated story more effectively by making the visual language more simple to digest and metaphorical in quick comprehension of very technically detailed innovation. All the while, creating a platform that was engaging and shareable.


By removing the pre-rendered video content from the website experience we had built to tell this narrative, we kept the same outcome as if we had created an animated video, however now we provided GE and Intel with a modular experience that could be seo optimized, social media targeted and scalable as the relationship fruited more PR worthy outcomes.

The campaign pulled in thousands of viewers from a coordinated push on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to get folks to come visit the microsite we had created.

Once there, engagement on the site for sustained view and scrolling through to end of the experience was super high because of the cool graphic sensibility of the design of the experience.