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Biotène Campaign

Strategy, Commercial, Film

Moments of empathy

GlaxoSmithKline approached Little Red Robot seeking breakout creative that could help light the path to a creative strategy for their popular over-the-counter dry mouth remedy, Biotène. GSK provided Little Red Robot with some great research and data and one of the insights was that caregivers could be a potential segment to market to, instead the symptom haver.

LRR felt this was a very unique approach, as GSK had not marketed to caregivers before, but always to the industry norm of finding the symptom-haver and then giving them a reason to believe in a product solution.

The creative presentation process from LRR to GSK was fun, and elaborate, with several phases involved and over a dozen concepts presented. The approach that rose to the top was based on this insight that it’s the little things that make a big difference.

The audience we were targeting was caregivers, who are not professional caregivers, but people providing care for someone else, unpaid, as a matter of support of a family member, neighbor or friend perhaps. And that this group is big, about 40.4 million in the US alone.

So we set out to capture these often hard to describe, hard to capture in pictures or words, moments of empathy where someone is receiving goodness from these beautiful humans that provide care for them. To do this Little Red Robot directed and produced a live-action and photography shoot capturing dozens of vignettes between all types of people relying on the expert cinematography of DP Zak Mulligan (HBO’s The Outsider, House of Cards).

In the end, we had delivered an integrated marketing campaign that culminated a Biotène Instagram takeover with #WhyWeCare and an influencer tie-in including posts from General Hospital Star Ryan Carnes about how this touched on how this story was like one of his grandfather.

Little Red Robot created a suite of content that included :60 second anthem, a :30 second spot, 3 x :15 second spots, 5 x :6 second spots for social media including 9:16s for IG stories, with all editorial and finishing happening at LRR’s state of the art NYC office. GSK was to the moon with their most effective campaign for Biotène to date.